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Life’s journey towards wholeness, purpose, and joy often takes unpredictable turns. We cannot control all the stresses and traumas that affect the plot line in our stories, but we can author how these events color and shape our next chapters. I am thankful for the people in my life who walked through these times with me; helping me to get my bearings, find my voice, identify my supports, and discover the courage to move forward.  I consider it a sacred privilege to share in the transformative process of therapy, as individuals and families work to establish boundaries and balance, discover more of their authentic selves, and take those next steps. 

Before seeking credentialing as an LPCA , my zig-zag path provided me with diverse experiences that enrich who I am as a counselor today. I’ve had the opportunity to work with individuals from all stages of life here in the US as a teacher, youth minister, social justice advocate/speaker, and administrator for a non-profit agency combating the effects of domestic violence. In addition, my travels to countries like India, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Togo, Ghana, China, Ukraine, Kenya, Budapest, Germany, etc. have expanded my world and shaped the values that I bring with me into the counseling office. We are all unique and precious. 

Tammy Smith, LPCA; Chapel Hill Office,  919-408-3212 x32